How the Texas College of Cosmetology was founded

The Texas College Of Cosmetological Education was founded in 1862 by William A. Smith.It was one of the first state schools founded to train professionals in the field.Its founder was a former president of the American Association of Cosmo-metology.Texas began offering classes in 1883.Its first graduating class of about 200 graduates in 1910.The school began […]

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OHIO STATE Cosmetology Shirt to Get $250K in Scholarship Funds

The Ohio State University has announced a scholarship fund for students interested in pursuing cosmetological training.The scholarship, announced Monday, will fund up to $250,000 for the next two years, which will be divided equally between the university’s Cosmetological Society of Ohio and the Ohio State College of Cosmetologists.The scholarships are open to students at OSU […]

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How to earn money cosmetologists in ohio: Rs. 50,000 a year

Free cosmetologist school in ohiore city is offering a career in the beauty industry.The school’s CEO, Durga Prasad, said the salary was well above the national average.The cosmetological school, which was founded in 2008, offers classes in beauty and fashion to students of various ages and qualifications.Prasam said that while cosmeticians who complete their course […]

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