How to shop for Cosmetology in Florida

More than half of the top 10 retailers in Florida say they’re not stocking the type of products that Cosmetologists are searching for when it comes to hair care products.That includes Cosmetologist and salon owner Linda DeFilippis of Naples, Florida.“I’m not really familiar with the products,” DeFalis told Fox News.“So, I would really like to […]

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The Top Ten Cosmetology Drawings of All Time

Posted September 09, 2018 07:22:25In the years since it first opened its doors, Tennees has become known for its cosmetologists’ work.The city’s newest cosmetologist, Sara Friesen, has been at Tennee for three years and will be the first female to lead the school’s division.Her first assignment was drawing a picture of a young woman with […]

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The latest Texas cosmetologists license photo

The latest licensing photos for Texas cosmological license holders shows a variety of tattoo artists posing with a range of tattoos.A tattoo artist, Michael Johnson, of Pflugerville, Texas, posted the photo of himself and two other cosmetological licensees posing on their license plates, along with a caption saying, “I was born with a love for […]

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How to get a haircut in your hometown

A woman in New York’s Upper East Side decided she had a “beautiful” haircut for Halloween, so she decided to go all out for the occasion.She spent all of her money on her $30,000 hair salon, the New York City Hair Salon and Beauty, and her daughter made the trip from their home in the […]

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When does a cosmetologist become a dental doctor?

Dental professionals have been given an “honourable mention” in the Queen’s Speech, but it’s only in the context of their roles in the profession that they have been elevated to a title of “doctor”. It was announced by Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday, following a consultation process involving more than 1,000 cosmetologists, dentists and gynaecologists. The announcement […]

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How to keep your nose straight on the pitch

A new set of rules in Brazil’s national team’s upcoming World Cup qualifying campaign are causing problems for the team’s skipper, and even some of the players who are in charge.According to the official website of the Brazilian national team, a player cannot use the word “f***” to describe the ball.Instead, a whistle will be […]

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