Which Cosmetology License Frames to Avoid?

New York: Cosmetologists in New York City are having to be more mindful of the license frame and compliance requirements when they practice in the state, a city regulator said on Thursday.The Cosmetological Licensing Board, an independent regulatory body, has issued new rules for licensed cosmetologists, requiring them to follow specific licensing guidelines and conduct […]

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‘Cosmetology is the only profession that can be called ‘beautiful’ in this century’

The rise of beauty and beauty-like attributes in modern beauty is a result of a combination of factors, including a growing knowledge of human anatomy, science and technology, and the evolution of the human condition, said Cosmetology Professor David Macdonald, one of Australia’s leading experts on cosmetic procedures.“The beauty and the beauty-type attributes are not […]

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What are the cosmetological scholarships in Illinois?

Chicago area schools and universities are offering online cosmetologist scholarships, online cosmologist courses and a cosmetologists license to help pay for the cost of attending cosmetologics classes.The Illinois Association of Colleges and Schools (IACS) announced the scholarships on Thursday.These scholarships will cover tuition for students in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Missouri, as well as an […]

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