Hair and makeup, a luxury item that comes with a $2,500 price tag, are not often seen as an everyday fashion item, but they are essential.

“It’s a luxury when you wear it and it’s a lifestyle when you don’t,” said Katie.

“It’s not something that people are afraid to wear, but if they’re really worried about their hair and makeup quality, then they shouldn’t wear it.”

Katie has worn the hairstyle for years and has learned the importance of wearing a good hair brush, but there are no set standards for hair styles.

“I’m a perfectionist, so I do the best that I can to try to keep the style consistent,” Katie said.

“The best way to do that is to make sure that the style is going to look natural and that you’re not going to be tempted to make it more formal.”

Katie’s hair style has evolved over the years.

She started out wearing a straight mohair bob, but over time she grew to wear many different types of hair, as well as a natural style.

“When I started out, I would wear straight hair and then I would try to go into a more natural hairstyle and the hair would grow out,” Katie explained.

“I’ve definitely got a few different styles now, and it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped growing my hair.

I’ve just gotten to a point where I’m comfortable with the natural hair.”

Katy is constantly working on her hair, and the stylist has worked with her on some of the most popular styles, such as the bob she has now, or the pixie cut she wears now.

Katie, who is the mother of three children and has been with her hair for almost a decade, is not sure if she will continue with the hairstyles she’s had over the past 20 years.

“In my life I’ve had a lot of people ask me, ‘Do you still do this?

Do you still wear it?’,” Katie told ABC News.”

But I have no plans to ever go back into it, so maybe it will be a little more of a long-term thing.”

The salon Katie is working at, Kijiji, has also had an impact on Katie’s personal style, and she credits the salon’s makeup services with making her hair look natural.

“They’ve really helped me to keep it looking good, and also have a really good selection of products,” Katie admitted.

“So if I want to go back to doing a straight bob, then I’ll probably get a new straight bob.”