The end of this century is going to be pretty bad for us, writes Michael Moore.

And it’s not only the world’s future that will be in peril.

In this month’s issue of New Scientist, Moore examines how a lot of the apocalyptic stuff happening in the media is actually about to come to pass.

Moore begins by asking whether the world will end in a “nuclear holocaust”, or a “catastrophe” as he puts it.

But there are plenty of other ways in which things could end.

What if the sun is going dark?

What if someones car breaks down?

What about an outbreak of Zika virus?

Or a major earthquake?

And what if the economy goes belly up, with a major downturn in the world economy?

It’s a lot to think about, and Moore says it could be the end times, as well.

He goes on to explain how we might be witnessing the end game of a global power struggle.

He tells us what might happen if the US pulls out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, and then what might be the consequences of the US leaving the EU.

What could that mean for the future of the planet? 

Moore’s new book, The End of History, is due for release on May 1.

Watch this space. 

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