A cosmetological degree from University College Cork has been offered to a woman who has earned £150 in medical training.

The degree, offered to the 36-year-old in 2016, has a “medical” element to it and allows the woman to pursue her career in medicine.

The university has confirmed that Ms Dunne, who is based in Cork, has been accepted for medical training and will commence her training this month.

It comes after a series of incidents in recent months in which women in the medical profession have been threatened with violence and physical assault.

A recent case in particular has brought to the fore the need for a change in the way in which medical practitioners are viewed and treated.

In May this year, a woman in the United States was attacked and her boyfriend threatened with death by her fellow cosmetologists after she refused to give him a facial mask.

In October, a female cosmetician in Australia was attacked by a man after she attempted to leave a pub.

The woman was taken to hospital where she received a facial reconstruction.

The man, who was also a cosmetographer, was charged with aggravated assault.

Last month, a 20-year old woman was stabbed in the back and a neck while attending a party in London.