Experts are calling for the licensing of a specialty field in cosmetological education.

A study published Thursday in the journal Science found that the average cosmetologist spent more than $50K on training annually.

It’s a significant amount considering the average salary of a cosmetographer is about $70K, according to a report from the American Council of Examiners of Cosmetologists.

The cost of the license varies by state, but some states require licensing in order to operate.

The report found that cosmetologists in the Midwest spent $49,738 on the cost of their license in 2016, a decrease of 2.3 percent from the previous year.

The median cost of a license in the state of New York was $44,096, and the average cost of licensure was $37,711, according the report.

The state has one of the lowest fees for cosmetologic licenses, with the average fee at $10.20 per hour.

The study also found that most cosmetologians said they would consider working in the field of cosmetography if it was free.

“We know that cosmatologists are a very diverse profession, and it’s important that we give them the opportunity to participate in the profession, but also make sure that they’re paid fairly,” said Dr. Daniel Kallman, an associate professor of pathology and pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“A lot of people are paying a lot of money, so you need to do a little bit of education to make sure they get paid fairly.”

While cosmetologies have historically been considered a profession for students, the study found that a higher percentage of the cosmetographers in the study were women.

Kallmann said it’s not just women who are getting into the field, though.

“There’s a growing number of women who work in cosmology, and many of them work in other fields, too,” he said.

The cosmetics surveyed were all licensed by the American Association of State Boards of Cosmology and Metrology, which has the licensing authority for cosmological schools.

While the study did not analyze the licensing costs of cosmologists in other areas, it does show that cosmologists are paying higher prices than the general population.

A recent survey from the Association of Private Nurse Practitioners found that average costs of training for licensed cosmetrists in California were about $33,000 in 2017.

The Association of Licensed Professional Medical Technicians (ALPMT) said it pays licensees an average of $38,000, which includes fees, overtime, training, and health insurance.

While some cosmetagogues have raised concerns about the licensing process, the research did find that cosmo­gramists are earning better wages than their peers in other professions.

In addition to the licensing cost, the licensing examiners also need to obtain certification from the state board that oversees the license.

The accreditation process has been plagued by issues, with some cosmologist organizations complaining that it was “unfair” to require cosmetog­rists to pass a licensing exam in order for them to practice in the industry.

The American Board of Cosmologists (ABOC), the body that oversees cosmetoscopes in the United States, said it will continue to work with the licensing board to ensure that licensure is “reasonably, adequately, and fully complied with.”

The ABOC also plans to update its licensing standards, including a “costs-of-training” survey.

“The American Board will continue working with the Board of Licensure and Registration to update the standards to reflect the current realities and challenges of cosmology and cosmetotherapy,” it said in a statement.