The Ohio State University has announced a scholarship fund for students interested in pursuing cosmetological training.

The scholarship, announced Monday, will fund up to $250,000 for the next two years, which will be divided equally between the university’s Cosmetological Society of Ohio and the Ohio State College of Cosmetologists.

The scholarships are open to students at OSU who have graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree and a minimum GPA of 3.5.

The Ohio State Student Cosmetological Society, founded in 1989, has more than 50 chapters across the state, and members work to raise funds to support student-led projects.

In 2016, the Cosmetologic Society of North America awarded the top honor to the Ohio Cosmetologist for Outstanding Work in Cosmetolgy, the first-ever award in the field.

The award was created to recognize and reward student-based work to advance the cosmetolgical profession.

This scholarship is open to all OSU students and the university is working with community organizations and community organizations across the Columbus area to create a comprehensive scholarship package to assist the students who are interested in completing the process.

The Cosmetocosmetic Society of Columbus will continue to work with the Ohio Department of Licensing and Regulation to ensure the students are fully informed about the benefits and requirements for licensure and the process of obtaining licensure.