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article Aztec cosmetologist and Aztec-era makeup artist Marcela Mollins poses for a portrait at her studio in Mexico City, Mexico, on June 25, 2019.

Mollins, a resident of the United States since 1992, has worked in cosmetologies in Mexico, Mexico City and Mexico City’s Olympic Stadium for more than 30 years.

The Cosmetological School in Mexico and the Cosmetical School in the United Kingdom are among the largest cosmetologic schools in the world.

In a statement, Aztec University said:We are pleased to announce that Aztec is one of the first universities to officially enroll students in the Cosmological School and our graduates will be taking the world’s first classes in the field of cosmetography at Aztec.

Aztec has also announced that its students will be able to enroll in the College of Cosmetrics.

This marks a major milestone for Aztec students.

In 2017, a total of 9.7 million students enrolled in Aztec’s Cosmetologies program, which includes a Cosmetologists College of Arts and Sciences, which has been operational since 2003.

The College of Design and Engineering has since been opened and is also accredited by the Cosmodrome.

Mayer said that Cosmetics students can earn an annual stipend of $7,500 to study abroad, which can cover tuition, books and other costs.

This is the first time Aztec will be offering tuition reimbursement for international students.

The program will continue in the Aztec College of Science, she added.

Aztec’s student body is about 60 percent male, with about half of them studying in cosmological schools, according to the university.

Students have a range of ethnicities and religious backgrounds, and there are also many foreign students.

Aztecs are also more ethnically diverse than their peers in the country’s north.

Mayers said the Aztecan Cosmetologique is one in which cosmetics are “really at the forefront of what is happening in the industry.”

Mayer noted that cosmetologics is also an industry that’s attracting international students because of its global outlook and because of the high-quality training available for students in Mexico.

“Aztec is the perfect place to start cosmetrics,” she said.