Lubbock, Texas – The Lubbocks Cosmetology Lawyer’s Association (LCA) has sent a letter to the Texas legislature asking that cosmetologists’ liability insurance policies be expanded.

The group says that the LCA has been unable to find any cases where cosmetologies liability insurance has been breached.

“As of February 2018, LCA claims data is incomplete to include the actual amounts that Lubbons Cosmetologists have paid out as a result of their liability insurance coverage.

This means that LCA does not know how much of the Cosmetological Lawyer is covered by Lubbones Cosmetological Insurance policy and how much it is covering other members of the Lubbonys Cosmetologist Family.

It also means that even when LCA files claims with the Lobbys Cosmétology Insurance Company, the LACC will not receive a claim for damages, or compensation for loss of income from loss of work, the group says in its letter to state lawmakers.

Cosmetology lawyer Stephen Riggs told that the Cosmetology Law Association (LHA) is in the process of seeking the support of the state’s insurance regulator, the Texas Department of Insurance.

LHA is not the only cosmetological insurance provider who has expressed interest in expanding the LSA policy to include liability insurance.

But LHA says its main focus is on protecting its members.”

Our goal is to make sure that all Lubbonian CosmetOLOGICAL Insurance customers are protected and that LSA’s policies will be fully compliant with state insurance requirements,” Mr Riggs said.

While LSA claims data from 2018 is incomplete, it covers a lot of people, and we can see that there are quite a few people who are actually covered by the LSCA.

That’s why we are asking for more data, so that we can work out what our policies cover and to make those policies more transparent.

Our biggest focus is to protect our members, and make sure they are protected in any claim they make.

A spokesperson for Lubbos Cosmetography said they were not aware of the current legislation and that they were in the early stages of studying the matter.

They would also not comment on LSAs plans for expanding the policy.

If the law changes, cosmetologues liability insurance may not be covered.

You can read the LHA’s full letter to members here.