Cosmetology school grad Cosmetologist Samantha Williams is one of a handful of people who have chosen to leave the U!

she told The Next Weave in an exclusive interview.

Williams, 26, left school at the age of 16 to pursue a career in cosmetics and beauty products.

She said the industry is a dangerous place, with a lot of people living in fear of their job and the possibility of deportation if they’re caught red-handed with a violation. 

“There’s a lot going on right now, which is dangerous and scary and scary to people,” she said.

“I have been through it myself and it has made me very careful about my safety.

It has really changed my life.

It’s changed my relationships, my work, my friends and my family.” 

Williams, who has a bachelor of science in chemical engineering and an MBA in applied science, has worked in the cosmetic industry for the last five years and said she is lucky to be able to work in the industry she loves. 

 “My main focus in my career is to make the products that people want,” she explained.

It is my life.” “

[I am] really passionate about what I do and it’s very personal.

It is my life.” 

“Cosmetics are a really small part of my work and it makes me feel really passionate,” she continued.

“Cosmetics work is something I can’t put my entire life into and it really is the most personal thing in my life right now.”

Williams said she feels like she’s living in a “tent city” with the makeup industry, but she also sees her work as an important part of the fabric of the beauty industry. 

Williams said that in her field, a lot is going on in the background and she’s constantly learning about what people want and need and what’s in the best interest of our health and safety.

“I think that cosmetics are an important element in making sure that our children have access to good quality food, safe water, and that we’re giving them access to the right tools so they can be healthy,” she added. 

Cosmetology is not the only career that has changed Williams’ life, she said, but the industry has also changed her life. 

She has now been married to her boyfriend, Josh, for five years, and has two daughters, who are also in the makeup business. 

Her career in the beauty field also includes acting, where she has been cast in films like Beauty and the Beast, The Wolf of Wall Street, and The Wolf. 

In addition to her career in cosmetic, Williams also works as a freelance designer. 

She said she hopes to be working in the field of medicine, where the profession has been incredibly important for her and her family. 

I’m working in medicine and I feel that I am an integral part of society, she explained, adding that she would love to work with other professionals in the fields of cosmetic, medical technology, and social work. 

Despite the changing makeup industry in the United States, Williams said she will still be working at her current job.

“This job is a huge part of me and it keeps me sane,” she commented.

“It’s a very safe and supportive environment and it gives me so much support, but also gives me the opportunity to give back to society. 

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