Seattle, Washington – Cosmetology School of Seattle (CSKS) is opening a new school to teach cosmetologists and other technical professionals the fundamentals of physical and occupational therapy.CSKS, located in the former Cosmetology Research & Education Center (CREC) building, is a program of the National Association of Professional Cosmetologists. 

The new school will open in June and offer cosmetologist training and certifications, along with a curriculum on basic cosmetical knowledge. 

CSKS is a private school that operates under the supervision of a Certified Cosmetologist. 

Students can apply to the program online at

 “The CSKS School of Cosmetologics and Technology is an excellent example of how cosmetologies can serve the local community,” said Michael Henshaw, vice president of operations for the National Cosmetological Association (NCA).

“We’re excited about this program and look forward to working with the CSKS faculty to create more cosmetologically oriented programs for all our students.”

“I think this is a fantastic addition to our local community, and we’re looking forward to welcoming our first student in the fall,” said Jessica Clements, the executive director of the North Puget Sound Area Association for Professional Cosmological Education.

“CSKS students are always a bright and eager group of people, and the quality of their instruction is second to none.”

 Students at CSKS can enroll in a one- or two-credit session, depending on their ability. 

“CSKS gives students the tools to be successful in the field, and this training helps them understand the complexities of cosmetometry and the techniques required to practice it,” said Dr. Scott W. Brown, the CSKA president.

“With this certification, students will be able to be the leaders in their communities and gain practical training that will be of benefit to them for the rest of their lives.” 

Students in the CSKC program can receive up to $50,000 in federal funding.

“We have an incredibly talented and passionate group of students, and they’re ready to make the jump to the next level,” said Henshop. 

In addition to the school, the new school’s website has links to the website and the Cosmologist Facebook page.

The school will also be accepting applications for a STEM-related program, such as welding, and other careers. 

Clements said the new program has been a huge hit, and she’s excited to see what new students and new students-to-be will come to CSKS.

This is the second new school in the Seattle area that is dedicated to training medical professionals.

Last year, the National Academy of Cosmologists opened a new training facility in Redmond, Wash., and is also currently offering a certification program for certified cosmeticians.