Posted November 24, 2018 12:19:51If you’ve never heard of Cosmetologists, you’re missing out.

The word is becoming a new buzzword and one that is attracting attention.

The new logo is the culmination of more than two years of hard work, as the cosmetologists at the Australian Institute of Cosmology worked tirelessly to bring to light the new logo and to create an image for the new organisation.

The new logo, dubbed “Cosmetology is the New Logo” was developed over the course of more time than anyone could have imagined.

Cosmetologist Kerry Stirling said the logo was based on what she called the “spiritual legacy” of the organisation.

“We were really looking to take the essence of the cosmeceutical industry and make it as transparent as possible,” she said.

“So when you’re using a logo, it’s really important that you make sure that it’s not a copycat of another logo or a copy of a previous logo.”

Cosmetologists have been doing this for hundreds of years and we thought it was important to keep it simple and straightforward so we could all be able to use it.

“The logo is a mix of colours from different cultures and is meant to make people feel at home at the cosmological centre.”

I think it’s very simple, it doesn’t feel like a lot of logos out there,” Ms Stirling told ABC Radio Melbourne’s Insiders program.”

It’s a really good representation of the diversity of the profession.

“It’s not just about the colour palettes.

There’s other colours as well, there’s different types of cosmeces, there are different kinds of tools.”

She said it was about making people feel they were part of the workforce and not just part of a logo.

The organisation was created in 2013, and has since grown to more than 300 people across the country.

The logo was created by graphic designer, illustrator and former AIC director of communications, Claire Smith.

It’s been featured on TV and in print across a number of media outlets including The New York Times, ABC News and ABC Radio.

The logo also has been used in fashion campaigns, in advertisements, at the Cosmopolitan, and in many other media.

Ms Stirl said the work of the designers was the main reason the logo became a hit.

“This was our vision for Cosmetologys logo,” she explained.

“That’s why we wanted to use colour and we wanted it to have a very simple look, so it didn’t feel at all commercial and it didn.”

The people who work with it are really passionate about it and we are very excited that they’ve created a great logo for us.

“Ms Smith said it wasn’t a conscious effort to create a commercial version.”

What we didn’t want to do was just have something that would be something you could buy, and sell,” she told Insiders.”

There are so many things you can do to really bring your brand to life and have it really reflect what you do.

“Ms Stirling says the logo is still in the early stages of being designed and is being designed by the company’s creative team.”

They have had an amazing amount of time and effort to really make sure it’s something that people will be proud to use,” she added.

Ms Smith says the design process is ongoing, but that the logo will be ready for the 2018-19 season.”

When you’ve got the logo, you can’t have it just be a logo,” Ms Smith said.

Ms Stirl also said she had a lot to say about the logo.

She said that while the logo may not be a perfect representation of what Cosmetologies mission is, it was the right way to communicate the organisation’s vision and its commitment to the arts.”

If we’re going to talk about this as a business we have to be talking about what it is we’re doing and what we are saying about it, and the colour palette of the logo really resonates with what we’re about,” she continued.”

All the colours of the palette were chosen to reflect the cosmology of what we do, what the cosmedics do, how the cosmen work.

“And so when you look at the colour, it resonates so much with what you see in the cosmos, it brings out the best in people.”

Ms Sart said the cosmopolitan was one of the first times that she and her team had been working together on a logo design.

“Everyone was really excited about it,” she remarked.

“In the early days, it didn, at first, feel like the logos we were doing for the Cosmetological Centre weren’t quite right, but now that we have the logo that is what we’ve been working on for about two years, and I think that’s really amazing.”