By Lisa SmithThe cosmetological institute in London will be the first major international training centre to open its doors to female cosmetologists, according to the first female cosmologist to start work at the London school.

The school in the city’s Regent Street, a major hub for cosmetics, will open its new office next month and offer training to women, who can work as a team and help students find jobs.

“Our girls are very excited and ready to make their mark,” said Heather Davenport, the head of the institute’s female student programme, at a news conference Friday.

“The new office will be a hub for women and provide them with the opportunities to find jobs that they want.”

Female cosmetologists will start training at the start of 2018, with students being given their first practical training at LLRs London branch in April.

The institute’s cosmetician programme is the only one of its kind in the world, and it aims to provide cosmetical training to a large number of students in the UK.

The London branch, which opened in 2013, is home to about 4,000 students, according the institute, which has a capacity of about 50 students per year.

It has the largest concentration of female students in England and the second largest concentration in the U.K.

The new school, which will be in the old Regent Square area, is part of a larger effort to diversify the teaching profession in the capital, which is increasingly dominated by men.

The university says that women make up just 8.7 per cent of cosmeticians working in the industry, and a further 15.6 per cent work in engineering, accounting and finance.

Davenport said the new school will be more inclusive than the existing school, but stressed that the focus was on the skills that students will need in order to get a job.

“We’re really committed to teaching the very best of what we do, not only the basics,” she said.

The opening of the new cosmetistry school comes at a time when more and more schools are offering female cosmesters training.

The number of girls entering the cosmetologies is growing and they are becoming increasingly popular.

The UK is the second-most populated country in the EU, and cosmetocritics have been increasing in popularity across the continent.

The new school hopes to make it a trend that spreads beyond the UK, as more countries open their doors to the profession.

The BBC has reached out to the LLRs’ Cosmetology Institute for comment.