A Texas cosmetologist is getting in on the trend of cosmetologists working as part of the entertainment industry.

Cosmetology School of New York has announced plans to expand its cosmetological program, becoming the first accredited school in the state.

It will be located in Manhattan’s Flatiron district, which is home to many of the major film studios, including Disney and Warner Bros.

Cosmetic designer, Dr. Daniel F. Choe, who has been training for more than 10 years in cosmetics, told the New York Times.

Choe has worked in many industries, including entertainment, but said that he chose cosmetetics because of its unique educational approach.

The school has opened its doors to students, which includes the school’s first ever cosmetography instructor, Dr.-elect, and an assistant professor in the Department of Dermatology, he said.

The Cosmetologists of New Yorkers will be teaching an annual curriculum, which focuses on basic principles of cosmogenesis, the process of creating makeup, and how to create the most effective makeup.

The first class will be held in May 2019.

The class will include an in-person instructor and a studio tour.

Cosmetics will also teach online, where students can practice their skills at home, and they will also be able to practice their craft on stage.

Chayce said he is excited to see how cosmetologies are applied to the entertainment world.

He said that if they were given the opportunity to work as part to the film industry, they would be looking for new opportunities.