Posted June 25, 2018 10:32:28 CPCC cosmetologists and cosmologists are getting a boost in the form of an online program that will allow students to earn a CPCC certificate in Cosmetology.

The program, called CPCC-Cosmetology Certificates for the 21st Century, is currently open for online registration.

CPCC has set a goal to get the program up and running by July.

“We’ve had over 15,000 people sign up for the program,” said C.J. Williams, Director of Communications for CPCC.

“We’re excited to get that program rolling.”

Williams said the CPCC will be using CPCC accredited students, as well as accredited cosmetologic schools, to ensure the program is fully accredited.

“It’s been very challenging to make sure that we’ve made it through the first round of certifications,” he said.

The CPCC certification is currently only offered in Honolulu, Honolulu, and Oahu.

CPcc also has a program in Taiwan, and an accredited program in Australia.

CPAC said the Taiwan program is currently in a trial phase and that the Australian program is open for registration.CPCC has previously held a similar program for the U.S.C.E. has also been holding an accredited cosmology program in conjunction with the CPAC, which allows students to complete a series of five-hour courses.CPAC has been able to offer a cosmology certificate for about a decade now, but it only became available in the United States in 2012.

The CPAC program allows students from around the world to complete cosmetologies online, while maintaining the same standards and accreditation that the CPEC program is based on.”CPCC is very pleased to be partnering with CPCC to expand its certification program to include the international cosmetolgy community,” said Chris Clements, CEO of CPCC International.

“With this new partnership, we can continue to bring the best in cosmetography to more students around the globe.”CPCC will continue to offer accredited programs in other countries, but the new program will only be offered in the U, U.K., France, Canada, and Mexico.