Oklahomans will have to pay for makeup during the upcoming Ohio University Cosmetological Board meeting on Wednesday, but not before the state will issue a new set of regulations requiring that makeup-free classrooms be made accessible to students.

The state’s board of health has announced a new rule that will allow students to wear cosmetics during classes without having to pay.

The board is looking to ease the burden of having to show up to classes wearing makeup, but students who want to wear it will need to have a permit.

The rules do not apply to schools that offer health and safety classes.

Ohio Gov.

Mary Fallin has called for the board to issue a rule that would allow makeup-only spaces.

She says it is the right move, saying the state should be helping schools improve their health and wellness and educating students about how to prevent and treat acne.

She says the board has been “working hard” to make sure students can wear makeup without having it be a problem.

“It’s been a long time coming and I think the governor’s right to be concerned about it,” Fallin said.

“She’s right, but it’s also been an effort to do what we can to make it a little easier.”

Under the rule, makeup-covered classrooms could be available at Ohio’s largest community colleges and universities.

The boards of education will review the regulations and consider whether makeup-sporting activities will be allowed in some classrooms and whether makeup should be allowed for cosmetic purposes only.

The state also will require that students show proof of insurance for makeup.

If the rules are approved, students who do not have insurance would have to go through a background check before attending classes.

Students at the Ohio University College of Cosmetologology, who have been working on a project to create a website for makeup-avoidance lessons, have been applying for permits to wear products, including makeup.

A number of students have been allowed to wear the products without being told they were prohibited.

The site would also allow people to track the number of makeup-based classes and other data.

The rules also would make it easier for students to apply for makeup classes.

Ohio has a requirement that students who are looking for a job or internship must have a “credentialing endorsement” and must show proof they can get a job.

The school recently changed its policies to allow students with “good standing” in the community college system to apply.

A number of other community colleges, including University of Akron, have also been working to improve their makeup-awareness policies.