AUSTRALIAN COLLEGE OF Cosmetologists has a slogan that is a bit of a tongue in cheek.

It is: “We’re not all looking to be cosmetrists.”

The AECC’s Cosmetological Education program is part of a national program of education that is designed to help young Australians pursue their cosmetological careers.

The program has been designed to give young people the confidence and confidence to apply for cosmetography jobs.

“Our goal is to encourage young Australians to take up cosmetical training in order to be able to work as cosmeticians,” said AECCA general manager Dr Kate Roberts.

“Our students are the most likely to apply to cosmetics jobs and, if they do, their careers will be on a trajectory of success.”

We’ve also put our education in the hands of young people by teaching them about the profession, by providing them with a strong foundation of skills, and by providing the resources and support that they need to become successful.

“Dr Roberts said the program was developed as part of the AECI and AECAC’s “Make It Work” campaign, which aims to improve the health of young Australians and to help them develop the confidence to pursue their careers in the field.

This year, Dr Roberts said, there had been a “tremendous increase” in applications for the program, which is currently open to all AEC graduates.

She said she hoped the program would “help to bring more young people into the profession”.”

Cosmetology is a career that’s not for everyone, and we’re all trying to hold our heads high,” she said.

Cosmetologists in NSW, Victoria and South Australia are the only Australian accredited cosmetologies in the state of New South Wales.

While some young people might not be ready to pursue a cosmetologist career, Dr Davis said the Cosmetologist in Australia program would provide an opportunity for young people to take a course in their area of interest and to apply.”

I think the program is a fantastic thing to have because it’s really focused on the needs of young, aspiring cosmologists, and it’s a great way to give those young people a real, solid grounding in the profession,” she told ABC Radio.

Dr Davis said young people needed to be taught the basics of cosmetistry.

The program will continue to operate for at least three years, she said, adding that it was a good time for young Australians in the area of their studies to become involved in the program.”

It’s really about getting young people involved in cosmetery and making sure that they’re ready to be a professional,” Dr Davis told the ABC.