“I want my daughter to have the best life possible.

I want her to have everything she needs and more.

I just want to be able to go to the bathroom in peace.”

Devin Harris is the author of “I Want My Daughter to Have the Best Life Possible: A Daughter’s Journey of Hope, Love, and Survival”.

In his latest book, “Diary of a Dead Man”, Harris tells the story of a man who died while walking on stage.

In this exclusive excerpt from his book, Harris talks about the experience of being “dead” in a very different way than you might expect.

“I want everyone to know how lucky I am to be alive,” Harris says.

“I don’t have any regrets.

I don’t want my family or my friends to think I was a bad person.

I just want them to know that my life was a blessing and I want them all to know I was not that person.””

I am not a monster.”‘

I want them in the same boat’Devin is a writer who lives in Sydney.

He’s also the creator of “Diaries of a Living Dead Man” and his new film “I Wanted My Daughter To Have the Greatest Life Possible.”

In his new book, he talks about how he lost his daughter to a rare disease that was “not contagious.”

“The disease was known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, or ME/CFS, and was a serious illness in which the body doesn’t make enough antibodies to fight off infections,” Harris writes.

“The treatment was to get me a biopsy of the brain, which was not an option because the brain was in a fragile state.”

After two years of surgery, I got the disease and the treatment was complete.

My daughter was born two weeks after my first surgery.””

When she was born, she had a brain tumor.

The tumor grew out of her skull and my brain cancer had spread to her brain and was growing.””

She had no symptoms whatsoever and we were given the best prognosis possible.

Her life was saved.

“Diaries is the first film Harris has ever directed, and the story has been featured on the Discovery Channel.

Harris tells ABC News that the experience was so important to him.”

When I first started writing the script, I knew that I wanted to tell a story that was relatable and meaningful and that people would want to see,” he says.”

It was a difficult choice because my daughter was going to live a life of pain and suffering, but that was something that she wanted to be a part of.

“We were in a situation where we couldn’t just make a film that would have her die but we needed to give her a story and that was a story I wanted my daughter’s story to be.”

“In the book, I’m not talking about the ‘I wanted my wife to die’ thing.

I’m talking about something that’s not about me and my life but about what I am about.

I love my daughter.

I am happy to be here for her.”