A cosmetological student who took a written exam in a cosmetic school, who took cosmetography written exams in a Cosmetology Written Exam in Maryland (CWI) class is getting a license.

The student who wrote a cosmeceutical exam at Cosmetologist wrote in a statement, “I was shocked and disappointed that I was asked to write an exam on the basis of my medical history.

The exam was written with the intention of being a paper based test.

I have no medical history and do not have any history of medical conditions or symptoms that could be seen as a reason to withhold my medical license.

I hope this will serve as a deterrent to other cosmetologists who may be tempted to ignore medical advice on the grounds of health.”

The student also wrote, “Cosmetologists should be trusted to decide what they do with their own bodies and not to be influenced by anyone but themselves.

I am extremely grateful that I got the opportunity to write a paper and to share my experiences with others.”