A case of cosmetological rolling has been rolled out for Australia’s biggest dental surgery providers, with the case being investigated after a woman allegedly told her staff she had been sexually assaulted in a public restroom.

Key points:The woman, who has not been named, claims a woman walked into the bathroom at the clinic and touched her breast, chest and backThe woman said the woman asked her if she could take her clothes off and then proceeded to touch her breasts, chest, back and stomachIn a statement, the Royal College of Surgeons of Australia (RCSA) said the patient had initially come to the clinic with a complaint of a breast injury and was advised she should have a “patrol examination”.

“A patient was then referred to a private practice for further assessment,” the statement read.

The statement said the complainant said she felt uncomfortable after the woman walked in and touched the breast, the chest and her back.

“The patient told the staff member she had felt sexual assault by the woman and that she was fearful that she would be physically assaulted by the man in the next room,” the RCSA statement said.

“She stated that the woman made no attempt to explain the matter to her and that the staff were unaware of her concerns.”

The woman did not immediately provide a description of the suspect, and it was not clear if the incident had occurred on an industrial scale.

“At the time of the alleged incident, the woman was not a registered patient of the practice,” the RCSA statement said, without further details.

The incident was reported to police and an investigation was launched.RCSA said the hospital would “do everything we can” to help the woman “empower herself in any way we can”.

“We will continue to investigate this matter and make every effort to support the woman in any manner we can,” it said.

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