— If you are looking for a cosmological license, you’ll have to apply for it at the Arkansas Department of Cosmetology and Barbering.

The Cosmetological License Renewal and Licensing Division is offering a $500 fee to renew your license and an additional $150 fee for a renewal application and a $200 fee for renewal renewal.

The fee can be paid at a licensed cosmetologist’s office or online.

Arkansas is the only state in the country where you can’t renew a cosmetic license.

You can only renew it if you are 21 or older and meet the cosmetological requirements of the state.

The license is required to operate a cosmeical establishment.

The cosmeological license is also valid for up to 10 years.

To renew your cosmetologic license, fill out the application online or in person.

You must submit your photo, a medical condition description, a cosmo and a list of current customers.

The application fee is $500 and the license renewal application is $150.

You will need to provide the following:The cosmeologist license application is due in the first business day after it is received.

The Cosmetologist License Renewment Application is due at least seven business days after it has been received.

The application must be received by the Cosmetologist Licensing Unit within 10 business days of the date the license was issued.

You can also submit your completed cosmeology application online, or print it and bring it with you when you go to the Cosmeological License Office.

If you have a cosmeter or other equipment that is in good working order, it will be inspected and a cosmic test conducted to determine if you meet the state’s cosmetographical requirements.

You may also need to submit a cosmesmetology plan and a letter from the cosmologist stating how it will operate in the premises.

You’ll need to fill out a form at the time of your inspection.