More than 3,300 people have applied to become cosmetologists in New Jersey, according to a list compiled by the New Jersey Division of Cosmetology.

The department said applicants need to have an active license and a bachelor’s degree in a field that involves a physical profession.

Those who have completed an initial application will need to submit a completed application form, and applicants will have until Oct. 10 to submit additional applications.

Anyone who is not able to attend the initial hearing in New York City and is not licensed in New Hampshire will not be able to apply.

The state will provide cosmetologies with a letter from the cosmetological board, the application form and a photo ID.

Anyone seeking cosmetologic certification in New Mexico must apply to the New Mexico Board of Cosmologists, which is the same as the New York board, but requires applicants to meet certain requirements.

Anyone applying in Louisiana must be a Louisiana resident who holds a cosmetography license, but those applying in Texas will need the same requirements, including a bachelor degree in an occupational or educational discipline, the Texas Board of Health said.

Anyone in California can apply to be a cosmologist in San Francisco, but applicants must have an existing cosmetologically accredited certification.

Those applying in Hawaii can apply for a cosmetic cosmetolorship license, the state said, but residents of Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands will not.