Paul is mentioned in a number of books of the Bible, and was a teacher of Jesus in the early Church.

But what was he?

And why did he teach?

This is a great question.

Paul’s life was a tumultuous one.

He suffered a stroke at the age of 26, and died at the end of his ministry.

He had two sons, Titus and Paul.

But his first wife was Mary, the mother of Jesus, who was a virgin.

Paul had a second wife, Mary the mother, who also died young.

He divorced Mary, and Mary married another man.

Paul then had his second son, and after his death he was buried in Jerusalem.

In his last letter, Paul to the Romans, he wrote that he was now living as a man, but his first husband, Titus, was still alive, so he didn’t have the chance to teach.

Paul went on to become a Christian.

Paul died in the year 1, 30, the year of the crucifixion, and there are many different versions of this.

Some say that he died in his death, while others say that when he was resurrected, he was taken to the Holy City of Jerusalem, and the Jewish people were amazed and overwhelmed by his appearance.

It’s also said that he went to the cross and was crucified.

But Paul was alive and well in the first century, so the question is, where was Paul when he died?

Paul is said to have been born in Rome in the fourth century, and his mother was a Roman, and he was born a Jew.

So we have a whole history of Paul being a Christian, but it’s really hard to find out for certain.