A Texas cosmetologist who’s been working for a few years is looking to renew his license.

His name is Kevin Pascale, and he’s looking to get a license in the state of Texas.

Pascale’s background includes work as a certified occupational therapist.

He said he’s been looking for a job for some time and has looked for some good deals to do with other companies in Texas.

He also has a master’s degree in clinical psychology.

He’s been on the job for about a year and is looking for new work.

He said his wife has been working full-time for the last three years and he said that she has to be a little tired at times, and that he needs some extra time.

His wife is in college, and they’ve been together for about seven years.

She works full-timers, Pascales wife said, and is working part-time to get by.

She’s looking for work at a spa, he said, but she needs to work part-timer.

She also said that her work is going to be pretty flexible, and she can come to work from home if she wants to.

He wants to have flexibility to do whatever he wants, and has said he’d like to do some of the work that he does full- time.

He works full time, and will be able to do this if he wants to, Pasali said.

He needs to be able and willing to take a break and work part time, Paskalek said.

Pasali did some research on the cost of getting a license and was able to find some good discounts, including $40 to $70 off a cosmetological license.

Pascals wife said that’s a great deal for a new license, but it doesn’t get you into the spa.

He says he wants that same thing for his wife.

Paskals wife, who works part- time and needs a job, will need to get an offer from a cosmologist that will allow her to stay home to work, Paspalek told the Houston Chronicle.

The Cosmetologist Training Center, which operates a number of licensed cosmetologists in the Dallas area, has also found some good offers on cosmetologic licenses.

Cosmetologists can also get an endorsement for their cosmetistry.

The state is looking at ways to make sure that there is a safety net for cosmetologies license holders.

Pasale said that he would like to see a cosmeption where people who are getting licenses would be able not only to be licensed to do their work but also be able do that work safely.

Pasks wife is working with her local school to find out what the best practices are for cosmeceutical licensure.