A year ago, I took my first cosmetologist class and immediately thought about my next steps in cosmetistry.

I didn’t have any formal training and had never used a camera.

That meant I had to do everything from a few minutes of my own time to the best of my ability.

I spent a lot of time making sure my face was in the best shape I could possibly make it look.

My first year of teaching was a roller coaster of emotions, emotions I’d never experienced before.

But as the year went on, my confidence grew.

My class taught me how to get out of a bad situation, what to do when you’re in a bad mood and what to say when you feel stressed.

I learned about the importance of a good smile and my confidence rose.

But it was also my first year that I had the time to really reflect on the role I wanted to play in my career.

In my third year, I decided I wanted more than just a cosmetician.

I wanted a cosmologist.

And I wanted it now.