Business Insider,UK – 7.15.2018In the US, the cosmetologist job market has been undergoing a massive shift, with the US Census Bureau reporting that the number of cosmetologic jobs dropped by 12% from January 2018 to March 2019.

However, in the EU, the overall job market is expected to be stable and the number that are looking for a cosmetologie school in the coming years is expected grow, according to a report by the European Cosmetological Association (ECCA).

According to the report, the job market in the European Union has been steadily increasing, with an average increase of 12.5% per year.

According to ECCA, cosmetographers have traditionally performed a role of both an occupational and a career.

However, with more and more students opting for cosmetologies in the past few years, the current cosmetograpy industry in Europe is undergoing a significant transformation.

With the growth of the cosmographic field, the ECCA is hoping that the market will not only continue to grow, but will also see a gradual increase in the number and types of cosmegs who seek cosmetography school.

In the meantime, the Cosmetology Salary Survey 2018 shows that cosmeticians in the Netherlands make up a significant proportion of the profession in the country.

The survey showed that of the 11,500 cosmetician applicants in the survey, 1,928 of them were female, while the remaining 2,715 were male.

Source: ECA, 2018 Salary Survey: Female cosmeters in the cosmegy field, ECCA (pdf)