Dental professionals have been given an “honourable mention” in the Queen’s Speech, but it’s only in the context of their roles in the profession that they have been elevated to a title of “doctor”. 

It was announced by Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday, following a consultation process involving more than 1,000 cosmetologists, dentists and gynaecologists. 

The announcement was met with some skepticism and some criticism, with many pointing to the role of dentists as an outdated and sexist one. 

However, Dr David White, who is the president of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons (RCDS), said it was not an honourable mention.

“The Queen has said that dentists are not the best of us and that we are not good enough, and I think it’s great that the Queen is taking a position that we can all agree with,” Dr White told CBC News.

“I think we should celebrate all those who are working hard and deserve the respect that they get.”

That’s why I think the honours list is so important.”‘

The honours system is broken’A spokesperson for the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Dentistry (RANZDC) said that the Royal Colleges are not at the forefront of honours, saying that there was a lack of awareness of the role that dentistry plays in the healthcare system.”

There’s been a lack in awareness of our role in the system of care,” RANZAC spokesperson, Dr Michael Siegel, said.”

We’re not a recognised dental school.

“And the honors system is not broken, and we don’t have the funding or resources to be doing that.”

The College of Surgeons of Western Australia said it has the support of many dentists, and has a significant dentistry curriculum.

“Our students do a fantastic job,” Dr Siegel said.

Dr Siegel also highlighted that the RANzDC, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Dentists, the Institute of Dining and Dental Medicine and the Institute for Health and Human Services are all recognised dentists.

Dr White said that he believed that the role was important, but added that there were “many other areas of the dental community that have an equal role to play”.

“There are dentists who have no funding for dental surgery and they do a phenomenal job,” he said. 

“There is a lot of great dentistry and we have a lot to offer.”