A new set of rules in Brazil’s national team’s upcoming World Cup qualifying campaign are causing problems for the team’s skipper, and even some of the players who are in charge.

According to the official website of the Brazilian national team, a player cannot use the word “f***” to describe the ball.

Instead, a whistle will be sounded and the ball will be played.

This rule has been introduced to prevent the team from scoring, but it has also led to problems for some players.

Brazil’s Neymar has been fined $20,000 for his “f**k” gesture and Neymar himself has been given a three-match suspension for using the word.

According of the new rules, the players will be told to stop using the “f****” and instead be polite, but the official line from the team is that this rule will be in place for the first time in the Brazil World Cup qualifiers.

It is not known if the team will be punished for the “F***ing” gesture or if Neymar will be fined for his comments, but this could lead to a repeat of last year’s debacle, when Neymar and Neymana were both fined after “f*cking” during a training session.

Neymar’s comments on the ball were also criticised, as were Neyman’s remarks during training.

However, Brazil have been fined before for their “f*****g” and “fucking” behaviour.

Brazil were fined a whopping $12,000 by the Brazilian federation after they were shown a video of their players throwing a ball during their World Cup qualifier against Portugal.

Nike are the only major sport in Brazil to use a similar “f” word during the game.

The country’s most successful player, Neymar, was fined by the federation for the words he used during training and during the match.

In March 2015, Neyman was fined $12k by the FIFA governing body for “f—ing” during the Brazil-Spain friendly match, which Neyman scored the equaliser in, as he claimed his team were “f-cking” the referee.

Naymar was also fined for “dicks” during their friendly match against Colombia in March 2016.

“If you f***, then I’ll f-cking kill you,” Neymar said at the time.

Brazil have also been fined numerous times for their behaviour during the World Cup, and Neymer himself was fined the largest sum of money in Brazilian history for his behaviour during Brazil’s defeat by Germany.

In the 2015 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Neymer’s team-mates were also fined over their behaviour, as well as the Brazilian team’s captain.

“We were all in a bad mood, and when we were told that we could be fined $16,000 if we didn’t behave in a certain way, we decided to make a stand,” Neymer said at that time.

“This is how we are going to play football.”

Neyman has been suspended by the national team for his part in the team-talk, and Brazil are currently on a four-match World Cup break in a bid to qualify for the World Championships.