Phoenix, Arizona (AP) Cosmetology and physical therapy students are among the best-educated groups in Australia.

A study by Australia’s National University of Health and Welfare found that students at the university with at least a Bachelor of Science degree were among the most likely to be employed, study author Dr. Sarah Kastner told the Associated Press.

She says the results are “good news” for graduates of Australian universities and could potentially help students gain more exposure to the profession.

“The Australian public is very well educated,” Kastneder said.

“It’s not that the general population is not educated at all, but the level of education is a little higher.”

The researchers studied nearly 5,000 graduates from Australian universities in their first decade of study, including students from public, private and private schools.

The study found that graduates of high-school, university and apprenticeships were among those most likely for the university to hire them, and that students who had completed a Bachelor’s degree were more likely to earn higher salaries than students with only a Bachelor degree.

Students with no formal qualifications were also more likely than those with higher education degrees to work in the field.

The average salary for a student with no degree was $100,000 in 2016.

The researchers say their findings will help inform policy changes in Australia to help make tertiary education more affordable for the country’s most disadvantaged students.

“Our findings are very encouraging for the future of Australia,” Kestner said.

She added that it is important for Australians to recognize the value of having more educated graduates.

“You need to make sure you’re looking at the value they add to the economy and that the country is looking after the people who are going to come after them.”

Kastners research comes amid a major debate in the country about the role of tertiary schooling.

The government recently introduced a $15,000 tuition fee for students at top universities, while a study by the Australian Tax Office found that many Australians were making more money as a result of higher education.

The debate has been prompted by the results of the 2015 study of the earnings of graduates of universities and the Australian Institute of Health Research’s report that showed Australian graduates were more productive in their field.

It is also important to recognize that a high level of university completion is not necessarily an indicator of a good career choice.

Kastneck said it is critical to recognize these findings, and to look beyond just the education aspect of tertials, and “look at the long-term value of what you’re getting from university.”

She noted that even though some Australians might be able to afford a Bachelor or Master’s degree, others might not.

“That’s what makes this so important.

We need to recognize this as an investment, not just a piece of paper that we’re going to take out of the country,” Kistner said, adding that “it’s very important to have a system where you’re not going to get caught up in the short-term benefits.”

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