Chicago area schools and universities are offering online cosmetologist scholarships, online cosmologist courses and a cosmetologists license to help pay for the cost of attending cosmetologics classes.

The Illinois Association of Colleges and Schools (IACS) announced the scholarships on Thursday.

These scholarships will cover tuition for students in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Missouri, as well as an annual fee for the license.

The licenses are available through the IACS website.

The scholarships will provide a total of $1,000 per year for students and their families.

The scholarship awards are for cosmetologies from 2018-2019.IACs Chief Operating Officer Jim McVey said the scholarships will not replace cosmeticians’ current license and tuition payments.

He said it will help the schools keep up with rising tuition costs.

IACs licensing fees, for example, are expected to increase by about $10 million this year, he said.

I think it’s going to be a lot of good for us, the schools, and for the schools that we serve,” McVee said.

The IAC has also been promoting cosmetographers as a job.

I have seen the jobs available, he added.

I have seen that there are a lot more opportunities than I would have expected, he told ABC News.

McVey is also optimistic that the new scholarship program will encourage more people to take up cosmetometry.”

I think the scholarships are a very good first step in helping students in the community,” he said, “and it’s really going to help them realize they can actually get their cosmetics license and pay for it, and they can get that cosmetically.

“McVee noted that Illinois’ cosmetical license fees are currently about $25,000.

He added that IAC is looking to see if more states are willing to consider a similar program.

I am excited about this new program.

I am very excited about the opportunity to bring more people into the field and to expand our reach into the communities where cosmetistry is practiced, McVe said.

The IAC plans to offer the licenses in the coming months.

IAS is working to increase awareness of cosmetotherapy in schools and communities, and will continue to work with the licensing authority to encourage more students and families to apply.

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