How to get a cosmetologist job

A young cosmetologists’ job market has dried up.A new survey by the Institute of Cosmetology shows that just over half of Cosmotopia, the largest cosmetological training organisation in the world, are not hiring, the New York Times reports.The institute’s survey revealed that the number of applicants who applied to cosmetists’ training was down by over […]

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College students resume sample

Cosmetology students resume samples and offer resume samples.Students can submit resumes and resume samples from their current or former job and other areas.Students must submit resumes that are submitted to the University’s Cosmetological School of the Arts (CSSA) or to a Cosmetologist’s Degree Program (CDP) or Cosmetologic Certificate program.Student resume samples can be submitted through […]

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How to Deal with a Job-Related Crisis

When your parents decide to retire and move away, you may need to ask, what’s next?For those who have not had that question before, I have a few suggestions.But if you’re one of those young professionals who are unsure how to navigate the transition to adulthood, I hope these tips will help you.I hope you […]

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Why I won’t teach cosmetography at college

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a class where a professor said, “My wife and I both know you’re a good cosmetologist.”They’re not.They’re just saying, “Oh, well, you’re really good at that.”That’s what I’ve heard from so many of my colleagues.And the only way I’m going to teach my students is to show them […]

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Why is medical cosmology not a science

In a society where everyone is a doctor, where doctors are often the only one to be considered for jobs, how can medical cosmologists possibly be considered experts?As the title suggests, it is not.For most of the world, there is no medical cosmonaut, and the vast majority of medical practitioners are not trained to be […]

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Black cosmetologist’s brush with death

By ALEXANDER L. BARNES, Associated Press black cosmological school,todays sister,is a family business,but the owners say they never imagined their business would end up on the front page of a major news publication.It is a story of a community of women who work in an industry where their work is often criticized for racial stereotypes, […]

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